Forum Question: How Do I Create a Password-Protected .Zip File?

I zipped up one of my files by using the Context Menu “Compress” function. How do I set up a password for this zip file?
Tom Abbott

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    1/9/12 @ 7:43 am

    You Compress function is a quick way to make zip files. There are no options, so there is no way to assign a password.
    But you can do it in Terminal easily enough.
    Just open Terminal, navigate to the directory and use the -e option. For instance, if you want to zip up A.txt and B.jpg in a file:
    zip -e A.txt B.jpg
    You will then be prompted for a password, and then to verify the password.
    The result is a zip file that is password protected. Double-click on it in the Finder and you will get prompted with a dialog box to enter that password.

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