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How Do I Create a Shortcut To Open a Designated Folder?

I would like to create a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Control E) to open a specific folder (finder window). How can we use the Mac Shortcuts app to do this? I have watched several tutorials about the Mac Shortcuts App, but I still cannot see how to do this basic task with Shortcuts. Thank you!

There is a specific folder I used for part of my job that has lots of subfolder. I would like to open this folder without having to use the mouse. I can use spotlight, but it requires more keystrokes because I need to type a few letters of the folder in addition to the spotlight keys.
Simpson Bergman

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    8 months ago

    You could use two actions:

    Get File From Folder
    Reveal Files In Finder

    With the first, select the folder in the first parameter, and then a file, maybe the first file, in the folder.
    Then make sure the second action is using the "File" from the first. The only problem would be if you sometimes have no files in that folder.

    Another way to do it would be to use the action Run Shell Script with this in it:

    open "/path/to/folder"

    Then of course put the fill path to your folder in the quotes. You can actually just drag and drop the folder from a Finder window into open "" between the quotes and it will insert the correct path for you.

    Simpson Bergman
    8 months ago

    It works! I used the Run Shell Script option. I have not used shell scripts before, so this is really useful. I find that if the folder is already open in another tab of a finder window, then it shows that tab in front, which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

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