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How Do I Create a Theme From a Slide?

I am director of the Oral History program for a museum and I have a slide that I have formatted in keynote for a specific purpose. I want to make the slide a template or theme so it will be easily accessible for other presentations. I’m having trouble doing that.
Hugh Avery

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    2 years ago

    First, duplicate the file. Then in the duplicate file, set up your template layouts.

    Basically what you would do is to select the elements on the slide you want to move to the layout. Then choose Edit, Cut. Then choose View, Edit Slide Layouts to go to the template for that slide. If there are elements there already that you don't need, select them and delete them. Then Edit, Paste to put the items you cut before onto that slide. This moves those elements to the layout.

    Work with the layout of this template slide to get things like you want. You can also select other slide layouts in the left sidebar and work with them or Control+click them to delete them if you don't want that layout in your template.

    When you are done, exit the slide layouts with View, Exit Slide Layouts. Save the document. Then choose File, Save Theme to save it so you can use this next time.

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