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How Do I Create Alphabetical Lists?

How do I arrange a random group of names into alphabetical order?
M. F.etcher

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    2 years ago

    Using which app? Pages? Numbers? TextEdit? Word?
    I suppose whichever one you mean, you can always copy and paste the list into a Numbers spreadsheet. Then select that row, click the Organize button at the top right corner of Number and select Sort. Then add that column. That will sort the list. Then you can copy and paste the list back into whatever app you were using originally.

    Steven Mendoza Sr.
    2 years ago

    Gary Is it possible to alphabetize a existing list within Apple Note app.

    2 years ago

    Steven: There is no alphabetize function in Notes or anything like that. But it is easy to copy and paste into Numbers, sort the column, and then copy and paste back.

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