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How Do I Create an Automated Backup Of Apple Notes To HTML?

I’m looking to create a workflow in Automator to run the “export notes” Script automatically based on a calendar event.

The script Gary posted here worked great but I’d like to consistently run this on a schedule.

I’m not familiar using Automator but looking for help in developing workflow to run this automatically. Ex: “Export Notes” script, Select all notes, and Save to folder (overwrite copies).

I can run this on my Mac or Mac Mini, so if it requires a computer that is “always on” that is not a problem. Both using macOS Catalina 10.15.6.

Backup folder would be in iCloud Drive.
Sean C

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    5 months ago

    When you create an app in either Automator or Script Editor, you can use the Calendar app to schedule something to repeat every day, and then set a custom “alarm” that triggers that app. I’m not sure how well it would work in this case, but you can try it.

    What is your goal here though? What are you trying to do by having regular backups like this? Perhaps if the information is that valuable that you need to have a system like this in place, you should consider not putting it in Notes at all, but instead storing the data in another kind of document that is easier to backup and maintain.

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