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How Do I Create and Shade Fraction Shapes In Pages?

Hi! Working on blog posts in which I need to create fractions. I will be using 4 shapes to create these fractions – circles, squares, rectangles and hexagons. I need a way to create a fraction such as 3/4 using a circle then only shade in/apply color to 3 of the 4 sections. Here is an example:

Currently I am doing this manually. I create the fractions and print out them out on a sheet. I hand shade them with color pencils and then I scan the shapes as a pdf and clip and use them from there. It is time intensive and cumbersome. Sometimes the shading doesn’t scan well. And, in general, I just believe there must be a better what to accomplish this goal.

If it can be accomplished in Pages, that’s great. If not, I would love to be pointed in the right direction for another app that will allow me to do this.

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    1 year ago

    You can do that in Pages using shapes. Here's a tutorial to start:

    For a circle with 4 parts, I would start with a circle shape. Then add a rectangle that covers one half of the circle. Then use Format, Shapes and Lines, Subtract Shapes. Now you have a half circle. Cover the bottom with another rectangle an use Subtract Shapes again. Now you have a quarter circle. Now you can duplicate that quarter circle shape three times and rotate it 90, 180 and 270 degrees. Position them as you like. Make them the fill and border you like.

    1 year ago

    Hi Gary. Thanks you so much for the guidance. I was easily able to create halves and quarters with your directions and fill them with color. I am struggling a bit more with thirds and sixths. I was trying to use the circle and the equilateral triangle since I knew it would help with the 60 and 120 degree angles needed but that is proving not as easy. I will keep experimenting and will post back here if I just can't get it to work. I appreciate your expertise!

    1 year ago

    Misty: The trick there is to put your circle inside a larger circle. You cut up the smaller circle and leave the larger circle full. That way you can group them and rotate them, keeping the center of the circles as a center of rotation. Here is a video demo:

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