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How Do I Create Charts From Pop-up Categories?

Hey guys,

I have a numbers table in which I note down the time I spend on different project stages (these stages, such as «concept phase», «transfer», «book keeping» and so on are integrated via popup-menu).

Now I would like to create a single chart in which all hours spent on different project stages from the popup-menu are shown in relation to each other (sorted by stage with the total of spent hours representing 100%).

Probably a basic task – I’m new to numbers.

I would like to visualize the amount of time I spend on certain tasks during bigger projects. It’s also possible that there is a time limit that shouldn’t be exceeded and a chart helps to keep track of the available hours.

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    3 years ago

    Before you create a chart, create the table for the chart. So make a new table and put each category in column A. Then in column B, use SUMIF functions to get the total from the other table.

    See to learn about SUMIF.

    3 years ago

    Thank you very much Gary!

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