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How Do I Create File Path Hyperlinks On Mac Computers?

Is there a way to turn a file path into a hyperlink on any Mac computer that is sharable on a network? For an example, we have 8 different computers on our network; each in separate offices (same office location). I would like to be able to share a file path as a hyperlink to another user on the network that is clickable; so that the user does not have to spend time clicking through all the channels to get to the file I am wanting to share. We have thousands & thousands of files within folders within folders and sometimes having to navigating through folders can become quite cumbersome.. Any help can be much appreciated!

We often find ourselves having to share lots & lots of file paths with each other either through the network (ethernet) or via Airdrop. We spend a lot of time having to manually try and find the file that is being shared as the actual file path is not clickable. Friends in the PC world have this at their fingertips as whenever they share a file path amongst each other on their own network, it automatically shows up as a hyperlink. Is there a way the Mac world can have this same option?
Joe M

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    2 years ago

    Most people solve this today using cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). But if you are using old-fashioned file sharing and everyone is on the same network with access to each other's files, you can do this in most cases. I assume you are using SMB for file sharing.

    Select the file and go to the Edit menu and look for copy. Hold the Control and Option keys down and this changes to Copy X as Link. So you can just use Control+Option+C to copy the link. You get an smb:// link to the file.

    Then you should be able to use the link in email messages, Messages, web pages or whatever you share information with.

    Not sure how well this works in the real world. I assume everyone have to see the same locations on your network in the same way. But try it.

    Otherwise, why not use something like Dropbox to share files? Cloud services make this so easy.

    Roger Emnett
    1 year ago

    When Hyperlinks in Textedit and Gmail are clicked they automatically open in Safari. They used to work the same way in Preview and Pages but since Ventura they now require another click on a Pop Up to confirm "Open In Safari" instead of opening automatically ?

    1 year ago

    I just want to paste a link to a frequently-used file to the desktop of my MacBook Pro. Not sharing w anyone else. For some reason the solution above "Copy X as Link" is greyed out/ can't access that function. How to do this, please? Thanks

    1 year ago

    BLH: Where do you want this link to BE, exactly?

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