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How Do I Create Keyboard Shortcut That Will Include the Current Date?

Looking to use a keyboard shortcut and includes a parameter that will insert the current date, ideally in the default format that I have setup currently as YYYYMMDD. Thank you.

I like to append files with dates for documentation and also a sort key to bring the most recent items to the top of a stack.

Glenn Edwards

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    2 years ago

    First, there's little reason to include the date a file was created in the name. The file creation date is something you already have with each file. And it is more useful as metadata for the file because then you can do things like search for date ranges, etc.

    That said, this is something I do myself for scans of documents and such. 😀

    I just type the date. Easy and fast. 20201104. Done.

    You can create something in Automator, using a script to get the date, format it, and then put the date into the clipboard. Then you have to paste from there. But it is several steps and clumsy (you have to do it before entering date rename mode).

    What does work is to create a Quick Action in Automator. Assign it to receive "files or folders" in "" Then add the "Rename Finder Items" action and set it to "Add Date or Time." Set up the rest as you like. Then save it as "Add Date To Beginning Of Filename" or whatever name you like. This puts it in the Finder, Services menu. Then you can assign a keyboard shortcut to that in System Preferences, Keyboard.

    2 years ago

    Hi Glenn, in our company we’re required to put a ‘date stamp’ (our initials followed by the date-in-reverse) preceding every comment in our customer notes data. I struggle to remember the date and typing it without a numeric keypad was also lethargic and a painful constraint on mental flow. SO I made a Service app in Automator that puts it in for the user with a keystroke. It includes an AppleScript with techniques borrowed from others similar scripts.

    Ulrich Maasmeier
    2 years ago

    You can use Typinator ( to get there.

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