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How Do I Create Reminder On a File?

Choosing share on a file doesn’t allow sharing to reminders. Choosing more shows reminders as selected. I my example the file is a pdf invoice that I want a reminder to pay.

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    2 years ago

    There's no way to add a PDF to a Reminder item. You can drag and drop it into the note of a Reminder item, but that just shows the path there.

    If the PDF is in an email message, you can open the message and then ask Siri to "remind me about this email on July 31" and it will add a link to that message. That is what I do for things like invoices and such.

    But as for invoices that are just files, I would just add the reminder "Pay Invoice X" for July 31 and file the PDF away where I can find it then. Or, just include the payment information in the note, such as a URL to click on.

    12 months ago

    Here is a workaround. Put the pdf file into Apple Notes, then drag this note into Reminders. That‘s it.

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