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How Do I Cross Reference Jpeg File To Different Folders?

I have plant photos that I would like to reference to different folders such as “location”, “family” and “date”. Too much info to put in the title.

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    6 years ago

    Do you mean in the Photos app? In the Photos app, you can organize in a variety of ways. For instance, you can assign everything as keywords. So you can add family names as keywords, events, topics, composition elements, etc. Then you can search by those. You can use plant types, for instance.

    You can also use albums, as you mentioned folders. So you can add a photo to an album for a specific location, or event, or whatever. Put the photo into as many albums as you want.

    Using photo management software like the Photos app is ideal for this. But if you really want to stick to organizing these as plain image files in the Mac Finder, you can still do it. I'd use tags in the Finder for that. So store them in a folder as you like, and then add tags to each file so you can search for them using other criteria.

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