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How Do I Cure an Erratic Cursor?

Have reset the SMC, PRAM, deleted applemultitouchemouse.plist and driver.applebluetoothemultitouch.mouse, run Apple Diagnostics (no issues found), reinstalled the macOS, tried a different electrical outlet, a different power cord and a wired mouse. Used forced air on the optical on both mice, cleaned the desk surface and mouse pad. Not wearing any jewelry and no electronic gadgets are nearby. The cursor is jumpy and erratic. This is a teaching iMac in a computer lab and no others are having this problem.

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    2 years ago

    Other things to try:
    If both are optical, try a different surface altogether, like a mousepad, book cover, piece of paper, etc.
    Have you tried creating another fresh account on the Mac, and seeing if the problem exists on that account?
    Try a third mouse in the same lab that definitely is not having problems when connected to its regular Mac.

    2 years ago

    Yes, and also try another USB port on the same computer. (Yours truly had a USB port go bad once.) Another quick test would be to move the mouse to another computer & see if the problem moves along with it.

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