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How Do I Cut and Past a Song Using OS Snow Leopard?

Why is it that on a Mac; OS Snow Leopard, there is no cut option for moving a song from one area to the other like there is on windows OS. I therefore have to follow the only other root left, which is copy and past it & then go back to the original song and send it to the trash.
After doing this procedure over time, I end up with more or less 200 songs waiting in the trash to be deleted, which takes a long time to empty; as they are Raw files recorded from vinyl, & can eventually wear out the hardrive faster. Is their a way to show the cut option; if it exists, that is present in other Mac applications?
Furthermore, wouldn’t it be a good idea to be able to drag an unwanted song/songs straight on to a Flash/Pendrive; without a copy being left behind; or be given the option etc, because obviously the song is no longer required, so the removable medium can be formatted, which takes about 3 sec, like you can on windows OS.
This would take the stress & the time scale off the Mac hardrive & prolong it’s life & mine.
Does Lion have the features i have mentioned above or not?
Please let me know ASAP
Thanks for reading.
Ernie Threebears

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    12 years ago

    Not sure what you mean by "area." Do you mean in the Finder -- moving files around? Or do you mean in iTunes? Or both?
    In other words, exactly where do these songs start, and where are they going to?
    I wouldn't worry about the hard drive. Doing this is nothing compared to the caching and ongoing maintenance that a hard drive is used for. This won't affect the life of the drive.
    In all versions of OS X Finder you can move files from one location to another on the same hard drive. But if you move from one drive to another drive it will copy the file, safely leaving it in the original location. In Lion you have the option to copy and delete with one action by holding down the Command key.
    I don't think it is so obvious the the file will no longer be need. It is very common to give someone a copy of a file on a Flash drive -- and you don't want to erase the file from their Flash drive by copying it to yours. Also the opposite is true. If I put some files on a Flash drive to take them with me, I don't want those to be removed from my computer.

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