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How Do I Deal With iPad Apps Having Warnings They May Slow Down iPad?

With the most recent iOS version on the iPad, when launching certain apps, I sometimes see a warning saying that this app may slow down my iPad. I have never seen this type of warning before. It seems to only appear the first time that the app is launched. What is the best way to proceed? The warning does not provide any useful information regarding why the app may slow down the iPad or what the developer can do about it. Do you know why Apple has started issuing these warnings?
Richard Fuhr

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    4 years ago

    All this means is that the app is old and hasn’t been updated recently. Apple is trying to encourage all developers to update their old apps. This warning message helps that.
    The important word in the warning is “may” — it doesn’t mean that the app will slow down anything. It is just old, that’s all.
    As the user of that app, there is nothing for you do do. There is nothing for you to “deal” with. If the app developer updates the app, then they do. If not, then they don’t. You can choose not to use the app if you want, but if it is useful to you, then why not keep using it?
    The MacMost app shows this message right now. I haven’t updated it in years. An update will take me a bit of work since things have changed a lot since the last time I updated the app. I most likely won’t update it, since the app is free and I made it just as a little alternative to viewing the website, back before the website worked well on iPhones and iPads. I’d rather people went to the website, not the app, so I have little incentive. My game apps are much more important to me, and I have kept them updated.

    Brad Boyd
    4 years ago

    I saw the “app may slow down iPad” message when I used my Merriman Webster Dictionary app. I did a free upgrade to a more current version which now devotes space to advertising and isn’t very useful. The Apple message scared me into an unwanted, advertising vehicle. How can I roll back to the old version of the app?

    4 years ago

    Brad: I would always keep all apps updated at all times. Set updates to automatic. New features are just one aspect of an update. You also get security patches. It can actually be dangerous to not update apps.
    As for that particular app, it is their choice to offer a free version with ads. I do the same with my games. If you don’t like the ads, just don’t use the app. Use another app. Or, in this case, buy the $4 version of their app which I think doesn’t use ads.

    4 years ago

    it means the app is a 32 bit app, and if the app has been updated recently then it is not, because apple banned uploading them.

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