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How Do I Deal With My Apple & iTunes Accounts In My Estate?

How do you suggest that I deal with my Apple (specifically my very large iTunes) account in my estate. I have lots of purchased movies, books, music etc that I would like to will to someone.
Scott Hagarty

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    2 years ago

    I am not a lawyer. But from what I understand, you can’t pass on iTunes purchases when you die. Because what you have purchased is a license to listen to or watch the media, not a physical object or the media itself, which is owned by the copyright holder.

    I think there is even language in the iTunes agreement saying that the license is simply “non-transferable.” So that pretty clearly seems to indicate that you can’t will your iTunes collection to anyone.

    There are some interesting articles that came up in a search from people who may have more of a legal background than I do:
    Who Will Get Your iTunes When You Die.
    Who Owns Your iTunes Library After Death?.

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