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How Do I Delete 100,000 Emails On My iPad?

how do I delete 10,300 plus emails on my i{Pad with two or three clicks.
Hugh Koester

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    8 years ago

    There is no good way. 100,000 emails? You should use a Mac or PC to do that using an email client there. Or, use the web-based version of your email system to do it.

    8 years ago

    On my iPad, running the latest version of iOS, when I am looking at an inbox in the mail app, I see a "Mark All" button enabled at the bottom of the list, together with a grayed-out "Trash" button (which would, I presume, become enabled as soon as I marked any/all emails). Wouldn't this do what your correspondent wants?

    8 years ago

    Joel: No. Try it. It means "mark" not "select." So you can mark them as flagged or mark them as read/unread.

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