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How Do I Delete a Backup File In Time Capsule?

I had 3 Mac devices backing up on my Airport time capsule I have sold one of my Mac Books. I would now like to delete the Mac book and the backup file for that Mac that was sold. Would like some help please.
I am using Mac OS Sierra

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    3 years ago

    If you can see that Time Capsule drive in the left sidebar of your Finder window, then just go to it in the Finder and look for the Backup folder for that drive there. I believe you can just delete that folder or sparesbundle file. Make very sure you are selecting the right one. They should be named logically.
    However, it could take a while as there should be tons of files in there. So it is something you may want to do at the end of the day and let it work overnight.

    J Yale Hechtman
    3 years ago

    I have several time machine files in my trash. I’ve tried to empty my trash several ways, but these files will not delete. Is there some way to remove them from my trash?

    3 years ago

    J Yale: Have you tried holding down the Option key and select Finder, Empty Trash to force empty the trash?

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