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How Do I Delete a File From the TimeMachine Backups?

My wife and I have watched the Macmost Youtube video, “How To Remove All Copies Of a File From Time Machine (#1690). We cannot find the Action command to delete all Timemachine file backups. The “Gear” does not show up. There is an “Action” menu, but no choices for deleting files. Command-Right Clicking the mouse also does not reveal the delete option.

Is it no longer possible to delete a file or document in Timemachine?

I want to delete some PDF files of financial information. I can delete them from “Documents or the “Desktop” using Finder. However, I want to remove all copies of the file(s) that have been backed up by Timemachine.


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    5 months ago

    The action menu now looks like a circle with three dots in it. Note that in order for this to work, you need to be looking at a backup of a file, not the current file. So when you enter Time Machine you are looking at the current files. You need to use the up arrow above the “Now” text to go back at least one backup. Then the action button will have the Delete options when you select a file first.

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