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How Do I Delete a “popup” When In Browser View?

Using El Capitan, OS 10.11.3 on my mid-2010 MacBook PRO. When on a specific large city newspaper website I frequent; have been getting a popup which provides information from another website in my Bookmarks. The popup opens when I am reading, so I click on the close link at the top on the popup screen and it goes away; only to open up again in about 2 to 3 minutes. So far, this only occurs at the specific website I have Bookmarked. I have deleted the Bookmark and cycled the MacBook off and on and re-opened the newspaper link and the no popups occur. Checked MacMost and Apple site to find a permanent remedy, other than deleting the website, but cannot find any help. Please advise.

Stephen Heimovitz

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    4 years ago

    Sounds like a badly designed and/or coded website. I have a similar issue with my local newspaper site being filled with way too many ads and interactive elements on each page (20+!) My solution was to stop using that site. A lot of other people do the same. The result is they announced major changes are coming.
    Anyway, I’m not sure that the bookmark or powering off your Mac will affect this in any way. It makes no difference to the site whether you use a bookmark or type in the address. It makes no different to the site whether you browse away from it, or power off your Mac.
    The only difference you can make is to go into your Safari, Preferences, Privacy settings and click the Details button then search for that domain and delete those cookies. But that may make things worse, not better, since it will then look like you are visiting the site for the first time.
    Not sure what this pop-up is about. I assume it isn’t a real pop-up but a HTML overlay. Is it asking you to do something? Or, is it an advertisement?

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