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How Do I Delete All Emails On iPhone Without Deleting Emails On iMac?

I would like to be able to delete my emails on my iPhone without having those same emails remain on my iMac with Mojave. Is it possible to do that?

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    2 years ago

    Email actually has very little to do with the hardware or software you are using. Email is mostly a server-based service today. So unless you are using very old POP email, then all your client software (Mail on macOS or Mail on iOS) is doing is to allow you to “view” the server’s messages and folders.

    So when you delete a message, you are deleting it from the server. When you then view your email on another device, you won’t see the email any more because it isn’t on the server anymore.

    I can’t think of any reason you need to delete emails. I usually just “archive” mine after I am done with them. Then I can search and find them later. Are you thinking that you are saving space on your iPhone? Because your iPhone is simply going to show you your current inbox and archived messages are going to be removed from any cache before too long.

    2 years ago

    Gary, I keep a record of most non-junk emails in ~30 folders within Mail on my desktop; this includes both sent & received for the last 15 years.As we have moved a fair amount our email servers have changed over the years, and I would not have access to former client software.Now they are all here on my Mac. But I have to do this at home on my Desktop. Would “archiving” an email on the iPhone when traveling still allow it to be visible at home w/o search? Or, does Archive take it out of inbox?

    2 years ago

    Ron: Archiving makes it available on all of your devices in the Archive folder. That’s my usual sequence — read email in the inbox and then Archive it.

    David Beavis
    2 years ago

    Do the server based email systems such as iCloud & gmail remain undeleted inbox messages indefinitely, or only archived ones ?

    It seems logical that the sheer volume of accumulating mail would force providers to delete automatically after some defined period has elapsed.

    As non POP mails are not physically on our own hard drives where we can back them up regularly, is there any way I can make a back up of imap mails onto my own physical backup hard drive(s) ?

    2 years ago

    David: I’ve never heard of iCloud or Gmail deleting emails in your inbox. I’m sure they don’t. I don’t know why someone would keep email sitting in their inbox for so long, but if they don’t delete archived email, why would they delete inbox email? I think some email providers do automatically delete email after it is unread for a long period of time (may be configurable) but I don’t think iCloud not Gmail do that.
    Both Gmail and iCloud have methods for you to archive your email from the server (

    2 years ago

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