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How Do I Delete All Photos From iPhone 6?

I would like to delete all photos from iPhone 6 to increase storage. Currently I have less than 1 GB.

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    6 years ago

    It depend on what you are using to put photos ON your iPhone 6. With iCloud Photos, you could simply turn off iCloud Photos. But a better option would be to turn on "Optimize iPhone Storage" in your settings to keep your photos there, but have them use less space and load as needed.

    If you are using the old method of syncing photos from your Mac or PC using iTunes to put photos on there, then it is a matter of syncing again but choosing to sync fewer or no photos at all in iTunes.

    If you aren't doing either but simply have lots of photos you have taken on your iPhone, then you probably want to connect to your Mac or PC and use the Photos app (Mac) or iTunes (Windows) to get the photos off your iPhone and store them safely elsewhere. Then choose to delete them during that process.

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