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How do I delete ALL sites in iWeb?

I got a new MBA and set it up using a backup from my old MacBook. I wanted to remove the sites from iWeb on my old MacBook (leaving them only on the MBA). I was able to delete them all except one. “Delete” is grayed out. I thought maybe it had something to do with being the last one, so I hit “undo” to bring back the last deleted site. Then I tried to first delete the site that was previously last. This time I got the message: “This site will be removed from iWeb. Would you also like the site removed online? Your site will be permanently removed.” My choices are “cancel” or “remove.” If I hit cancel, the site still remains in iWeb. I don’t want to hit “remove” for fear it will remove the site from online. I realize I could probably re-upload it from my new MBA, but it’s a very large site with a lot of media. Is there a way to remove the site from the old iWeb without also removing it from the Internet as well? And why was I able to remove the other 4 sites from iWeb without having this issue?

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    10 years ago

    I’m not sure of exactly what to do since I don’t use iWeb. But I’d imagine you need to go into System Preferences, MobileMe and unlink that Mac from your MobileMe account. iWeb connects to your MobileMe account.
    Just an idea to keep in mind as you try to figure this out.

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