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How Do I Delete an App From Launchpad?

I have an app on my launchpad that does not respond to the normal methods of deletion, i.e drag and drop into trash, delete from list of apps, etc. Any suggestions?
Earl CAmpbell

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    7 years ago

    Typically, the way to get rid of an app in LaunchPad is that you click and hold it until all of the apps wiggle and you get an X next to many of them. Then you tap the X for that app to remove it.

    But note that this DELETES the app from your computer. So if you are looking to simply remove it from LaunchPad, but keep the app, then don't do that.

    If you don't see an X next to the app, then it means you didn't install it normally, but perhaps using a dedicated installation app. It would help to know what app this is and how you installed it. In many cases, the apps like this come with an uninstaller app that you need to run.

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