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How Do I Delete an iPad From My Circle?

Got a new iPad. Gave old iPad away but it is still connected to my iPhone and other iPad circle so data going to it. How do I delete it
Sharyn lucas

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    3 years ago

    So you gave it away and didn’t log out and factory reset the iPad? That’s a big problem. The person with it now has access to a lot of your things.
    First, I would change your iCloud/Apple ID password. Do that right now. Make sure you use a strong password, of course.
    Can you get in touch with them? Is it someone you know? Your best bet is to get it back, clear it off, if you can.
    If not, I would call Apple immediately. Even after you have changed your iCloud password, you may have left other data on the iPad — contacts, photos, messages, email, etc. That could be really bad for you. You may need to lock the iPad using Find my iPad, which would be a shame for the person who has it now as it will be unusable. But I think you need to get someone on the phone right now and have them assess the situation.
    And when you are done, and all is resolved, change ALL of your passwords — email accounts, banks, shopping, Facebook, Twitter, everything. And check your accounts for any sign of mischief.

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