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How Do I Delete Blank Pages From a Pages Document?

I decided to split a lengthy Pages document into two separate documents. I created a duplicate of the original, then highlighted and deleted all text from the latter section of the document. I then went back and deleted the images on those same pages. However, I still have 31 blank pages after the last page of text. If I place my cursor at the end of the last word and hit the down arrow key, the cursor will not advance to the blank page below, as if there are no pages below. How do I delete these blank pages?

I realize I could export the document to a PDF and then delete the blank pages from the side bar, but I want my “Page X of Y” at the bottom of each page to be accurate.

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    2 years ago

    I assume this is a word processing document, not a page layout document?

    My guess would be that you still have something on one or more of those pages. An image or shape or text box or something. It must be something other than body text since the cursor isn’t advancing. Maybe turn on Show Invisibles and Show Layout too to help you find it. Go to each page and Command+a to see what is there.

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