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How Do I Delete Deletion Resistant Cookies On iPad?

I routinely delete website saved data on my ipad. I discovered that I needed to also use the advanced option to get rid of stubborn data. Recently, four websites have placed data on my ipad which ever repeated attempts with advanced will not remove. The websites are;;; and I have only made purchases from ebay. I find this deletion resistent data intrusive, and want to be rid of it. Only one site shows any kb of data. I have tried powering down. also, several times. How to I get rid of these intrusive pests?
Thank you.
ps I enjoy your informative videos.

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    3 years ago

    So, by Advanced, I assume you mean you are going to Settings, Safari, then tapping the Advanced button at the bottom. Then Website Data. Then you see some sites listed there, correct? Then you swipe right to left and tap the Delete button.
    But you are saying that when you do this wth, for instance, it doesn’t delete? It just remains there?
    I happened to have also listed there. I swiped, hit Delete, and it was gone.
    Please let me know exactly what you are seeing. Is there an error message? Does the information go away and then come back later? If so, how much later?
    Do you have those particular websites open in Safari tabs at the moment?
    Also, which version of iOS are you using? I searched for this and noted that some people with iOS 10.3 have reported this as a bug in the Apple discussion pages. But one said that the listings for these items show 0kb. What does it show for you?

    3 years ago

    Thanks for your reply, Gary. I followed the procedure you recommend. Some website are deleted with swiping or pushing delete. These four bad boys remain. I am using ios 10.3.1.

    3 years ago

    Ken: So you swipe, tap delete, and then it doesn’t do anything? Did you check to see if those sites are open in Safari right now? If anything at all is open in Safari? What size does it say for each of these?
    I would close all tabs in Safari. Then restart your iPad. Then go right to Settings and try to delete these cookies again. If that doesn’t work, I would just assume it is that bug the discussions are talking about.

    Rick S
    3 years ago

    I too see this problem on both my iPad (iOS 10.3.1) and iPhone (iOS 10.3.1).

    Deleting the cookies from the Advance tab appears to remove the cookies but when you return to the Advance tab the “deleted” cookie remains present.

    Mike Longworth
    3 years ago

    I also in advanced mode can’t delete 4 sites of data, 3 show 0 content but one ( ) show 136 k. Help please

    3 years ago

    Mike: If it isn’t clearing, then there’s nothing to really do except wait until the next update of iOS to see if it is fixed and will clear. You could try an iPad restart to see if that helps. Otherwise, it isn’t really a big deal. Most users never clear their website data.

    Stig Larsen
    3 years ago

    So, in short: nothing to do about the problem, we will have to wait and see if Apple will solve the problem – or not …

    3 years ago

    I updated my iPad to iOS 10.3.3 and the problem persisted, can’t d’√©lite the website data

    3 years ago

    Hi Luigi,
    Maybe you could try turning off your iCloud then reset your iPad as new then it might remove all website data with Advance mode.
    Please make sure you have saved all important data into another device first before turning off iCloud in your iPad. I hope it helps.

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