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How Do I Delete Emails From All Devices At Once?

How do I delete emails from all3 devices; Mac, iPhone, and iPad when I delete them from one?

It is extremely time consuming having to delete emails from all 3 devices.

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    3 years ago

    That's the way it should work if you are using modern server-based email like IMAP, Google or iCloud. If you have your email set up as old-fashioned POP email, then your device reaches out to the server, gets new messages, and downloads them. Then there is no connection to the server anymore. So deleting or archiving a message won't do anything to other what you see on other devices.

    If you are receiving email on more than one device, as almost every is today, you should be using IMAP (or equivalent like Google, iCloud) on all of your devices. Hopefully the email provider you are using now allows you to switch to using IMAP.

    David A.
    3 years ago

    I can't agree that POP is old fashioned. Is it an older format? Yes, of course.

    I use two mailboxes (personal and business) with my own domain and have them set up as POP. That way I can decide which emails will be kept / archived on which device. My IMAP accounts mostly receive emails I would like to delete all at once from the iMac, iPhone, and iPad. It doesn't need to be either / or.

    3 years ago

    David: I appreciate that you have things set up the way you want them. That's why these options like POP vs IMAP are available. But for most people using POP causes issues. It is easy to run into things like Joy is experiencing, or end up with some messages on one device and other messages on another device. Or, to fill up your server with messages because they never get removed. Unless you really know what you are doing as you do, and really want to use POP to fit you needs, IMAP/Google/iCloud/Outlook is the way to go.

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