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How Do I Delete Guest User Showing Up At Start Up?

My iMac version El Capitan 10.11.5 late 2012. How do I get rid of the guest user at the log in window. I have already checked in users/groups in system preferences.
Bida Bock

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    4 years ago

    To disable the Guest User login, go to System Preferences, Uses & Groups. Then unlock the settings (click the padlock at the bottom left and enter your password). Then select the Guest User account on the left. On the right, you’ll have a “Allow guests to log in to this computer” checkbox. Uncheck that and the option to log in as a guest will no longer appear.

    Lucas Hutton
    4 years ago

    I don’t mean to challenge the OP. I would like to know what I gain by removing the guest user icon. Am I safer with guest user disabled?

    4 years ago

    Lucas: The Guest User allows a houseguest or some other person with physical access to your Mac to log in to a new account, use it (web, email, whatever) and then when they log out it wipes the account. In the meantime they have no access to the stuff in your account. So it is a very safe way to let a houseguest, child or acquaintance use your Mac. It is a great safety and security feature. Never let anyone else use your account. A spouse or other family member or roommate should have their own account with their own stuff in it. Anyone else uses a guest account.
    That said, if other people (untrusted roommates?) have physical access to your Mac and you’d rather they never be allowed to use your Mac at all, then disabling the guest account can prevent them from doing so. And you can always enable it temporarily to let a friend use it and then disable it again.

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