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How Do I Delete Multiple iMessage Conversations At a Time?

I am trying to delete multiple text messages at one time (i.e., I’m referring to multiple separate messages from different senders, not multiple messages within a single conversation stream). Pressing CTRL doesn’t allow me to select multiple separate messages (conversations). I can only laboriously delete one message (conversation) at a time. I can’t find a workaround and no technique in online forums seems to help. Is there a way to delete multiple text messages at once?

Periodically, I want to clear my iMessage list of unwanted or completed text conversations. I want to do this efficiently — not one conversation at a time.

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    1 year ago

    You can't do it. There's no function for that on a Mac.

    It is a little easier on an iPhone or iPad, so maybe do it there. Assuming you have iCloud Messages turned on so they sync.

    Of course you can always just opt to leave them. There's no reason you need to clear away old conversations. I understand you want to tidy up the list, but functionally there is no problem with letting your history remain.

    If you go to Messages, Preferences, General you can set "Keep messages" to "One year" and then that will automatically clean things up over time.

    Also, note that in macOS Ventura, at least in the beta, you can select multiple conversations the normal way (Command or Shift Keys). So maybe wait a short time until Ventura is out.

    1 year ago

    Thanks so much for your prompt reply! Great to learn that Ventura will likely allow selection of multiple conversations. I'll look forward to that release if only for that reason.

    Patrick Lawson
    1 year ago

    how do I automatically sync. Mac calendar and i-phone calendar, going both ways?

    1 year ago

    Patrick: Just make sure the calendar is in iCloud, not an "On My Mac," "On My iPhone" or other type of calendar (like Google, etc). If the Calendar is an iCloud calendar, and you have Calendar turned on on iCloud settings on both machines, then you will see the same calendar in both places.

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