Forum Question: How Do I Delete the Desktop Wallpaper Target Image In Lion?

A few months ago I changed my wallpaper to an image in my Pictures folder (the picture has been deleted since). I have changed my wallpaper recently in the System Preferences and this temporarily changes my wallpaper. However, after a restart my MacBook Pro reverts to the previous picture. If I check System Preferences it diligently shows that the ‘new’ picture is the wallpaper, but it is clearly not the case.
I find it strange that the Machine defaults to an image that I can’t find on my Mac. I’d like to find that image file. How do I go about that?
Grant Ward

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    2/21/12 @ 7:40 am

    Not quite sure I follow you. It seems there are two images you are talking about. The first is one that WAS in your pictures folder, and you set the desktop image to that, but then deleted the original, correct? The second is another image (where?) that you have more recently used as a desktop image. Is that one of your own in the pictures folder, or one of the default ones?
    Either way, the preferences is not showing what you want. Try some things. Experiment. Try switching to a default image — one of the ones that comes with your Mac. Or a solid color. Restart. Does it stick? If so, then try switching to the one you want. Restart. Does it stick? If not, try another one of your images. Keep experimenting.

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