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How Do I Delete/remove Old Devices From Airport Utility?

I have an Apple Airport Extreme and notice that with Airport Utility (v6.36) when I click on my router it displays all my devices on my network. My Iphone, IMac, Ipad Air, and my Apple TV as well as PCs no longer on my network and that I no longer use.
How can I remove these old PC’s from showing up in Airport Utility – problem is just one of aesthetics.
Appreciate your assistance
Bob Pena

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    8 years ago

    As you mention, it is just a problem of aesthetics, so you really shouldn't worry about it.
    The list is just showing which device is assigned to which IP address on the router. You can actually hover your cursor over the name in the list and it will show you after a few seconds.
    I suppose you could go to Basestation, Restart and it should clear those out and reconnect as needed. You can try that if you want. If that doesn't work, then probably going into that Basestation, going to Network, Network Options and then changing the DHCP range should do it. Though that seems rather extreme for something that is purely cosmetic.
    If it bothers you, just don't look at that list. I hadn't looked at mine in years until i did just now to respond to your question.

    Bob Pena
    8 years ago

    Thanks for the response.Tried restarting my base station but it didn't help. I will resign myself to having those old devices listed on Airport Utility as it does not affect function/operation of my network.

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