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How Do I Digitize a Cassette Tape?

What is the easiest, best way to make an MP3 from cassette? I have tried just running the tape and recording it from garage band or music app on phone but not the best way for quality. I see a cord on line from cassette player to macbook pro (made in 2017) but I’d have to use an adaptor to make USB useable. Is this a good method?It may require using Audible..not sure how it all works. I tried a small digitizing cassette player but it did not work so I returned it. Thanks in advance.

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    3 years ago

    The best way is to get a USB audio adapter. You need one that takes "line in" from a cassette player, then you need a cassette player with a "line out" ideally as using the headphone output isn't best. But if that is all you have, then you'll need to play with the volume on the cassette player to see what works best. Probably something reasonably low as too high will probably be too much.

    As for recording software, it doesn't matter too much. GarageBand and Audacity should work the same for recording. It is the hardware that really matters. A good professional cassette player can make all of the difference.

    You may want to also inquire with your library. In my city, the main branch of the library has a studio that includes digitizing equipment for records and cassettes.

    2 years ago

    Let me see if I understand this. If I get a mac friendly USB audio adapter and plug it into an output of a cassette recorder or headphone jack if that is my only choice, can then I play it into my MPB and fix it up with software-- garage band or other? Do I get the input from a cassette player and record it thru the software. I am a little unsure about that. I could figure it out, but I'd rather know in advance that it will work before I buy a piece of equipment I end up returning.Thx.

    2 years ago

    Ellen: You use software like GarageBand or Audacity. You just select the input as that USB device. Then you start recording in the software, and start playing the cassette.

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