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How Do I Display macOS Mojave’s “Use Stacks” On the Left Side Of the Desktop?

When using the Finder’s “Use Stacks” feature (ugh.. apple naming… don’t they talk to the folks who did the “Display as Stack” in the Dock!?) in Mojave the resulting arrow groupings (folders?) are forced to the right side of the desktop. Is there a pref to allow the left side, or better yet, user contolled?
Bonus question: Has Stacks feature been updated in macOS Catalina? thank you.

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    5 years ago

    It makes sense that they are called Stacks in both the Dock and on the Desktop, as they are very similar features. There is no way to customize the Stacks feature to make it change how groups are displayed. And that doesn't change with Catalina.

    I guess the thinking is here that Desktop Stacks are a way for people who have a cluttered Desktop to bring some order to it. But those that prefer not to have clutter on the Desktop (like me) won't have files there anyway. Have you considered leaving your Desktop empty and putting everything in your Documents folder? You can always use those Dock stacks to get quick access to them, or the Finder sidebar.

    5 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I barely ever use Desktop Stacks. I do keep mostly everything in Documents, but sometime I have a handful of temporary folders on the Desktop along with say, auto generating screenshots or something... so the issue is that Stacks is also "organizing" my exising folders along with the "random" or temporary files. I'd thought that I'd be able to move my folders without them being impacted by the Stacks. Oh well. Kinda wish I could have certain items not being altered by Stacks.

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