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How Do I Do a Search In Notes On My Mac Including Only Specific Folders?

I have several Folders containing lots of info on subjects I no longer use but want to keep for possible referral to in the future. Is there a way to ‘separate’ these folders so that are not included when doing a search?

The items in these folders contain a lot of info on items I have sold (homes, cars, boats) that I want to keep for future reference incase the new owners have questions or I need to refer back to them in the future. It would be nice if when I did a ‘search’ in Notes these folders would not be included…. unless I wanted to search that group of folders. As it is now… when I do a search all that info is added to the huge long list of things I have to look through to find what I want.
Doug Brandt

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    1 year ago

    Not really. Here are some ideas:

    You can use a Smart Folder to for a more complex search. One of the things you can specify is the folder, and you can include or exclude folders. So you can definitely get the result you want with Smart Folders, but it will take a little more time to perform the search. Perhaps you could create a Smart Folder that excludes those folders, and then just alter the other criteria for the Smart Folder each time you want to search.

    You could use tags instead of (or in addition to) folders. Tag these #home, #cars, #boats, etc. And tag your other things as needed. Then use the tags in the left sidebar to search instead of searching for text in the notes.

    It sounds like maybe you are using Notes for too much. If you have things in there that you don't need access to all the time, put them in regular documents (TextEdit, Pages, Numbers, etc.) You don't need to use Notes for everything. Use Notes just for things you want frequent quick access to. Put these "info on items I have sold" items in documents and store them as regular files.

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