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How Do I Do Tweening In Mac Animation?

I’ve found a couple of open source apps for the Mac that support tweening as well as frame animation. They are free (good) and a little on the confusing side with so many options (bad). I’ve watched your video on iMovie animating of videos—resizing and moving to a corner, for example—but wonder if there’s a possibility of tweening in iMovie? The common beginner example is a ball bouncing.

Otherwise, do you have a super suggestion for a separate animation app **that tweens**? Frame-to-frame redrawing for me is unappealing, as I’m no artist.

John Russell

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    1 year ago

    You can do it in both iMovie and Keynote. You see it in this video for iMovie:

    And here I’m doing something like that in Keynote too:

    Keynote’s approach is probably better for animation. But neither of these apps are really animation apps. Not sure which ones you are tying and I probably haven’t used those. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, so I have the powerful Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) tool which can do so much.

    John Russell
    1 year ago

    Thanks for the Keynote tip. That looks like enough for me as far as tweening is concerned. I guess if I acquire sufficient patience I could draw dozens of individual figures, each on a separate slide, then “flip the pages.” First things first, though.

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