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How Do I Download All Music From iCloud Onto My Mac In the Music App?

I noticed that much of my music library is now showing the icon of the cloud with the down arrow, indicating it’s in the cloud and can be downloaded to my Mac. If I click on that icon, it does download, one track at a time as I click them. But I have a large library, and that could take the better part of a day.

If I click on the ellipsis at the top of a specific playlist, instead of giving me a “download” option, it gives me a “remove download” option. I thought maybe this was because several of the songs were already downloaded. So I tried highlighting only the non-downloaded tracks. Same result. If I click on “Song” in the menu bar, the “Download” option is grayed out, whether I have one or all tracks selected.

Is one at a time the only way to download, or is there a way to download them all at once?

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    2 years ago

    Just select all the Songs in the Songs view, and then go to Song, Download.

    Also, at the top of any Playlist or Album, you should see that same cloud icon, to the left of the three-dots button. Clicking that will download all of the songs from that Playlist or Album.

    But are you saying that the Song, Download is grayed out for you? I can’t think of any reason for that. Are you using Apple Music or iTunes Match? Maybe try signing out and back in, or just turning off iTunes Match and back on if that is what you are using. Or, call Apple and have them look at your account from their end.

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