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How Do I Download iPhone Text Messages To My MacBook Pro In Pages?

I have several text messages in a conversation with one individual which I would like to save as a Page document. I may have too many to download at once, but would prefer to at least try ddo it as one download, preferably into a Pages document as my Word software has expired.

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    2 years ago

    Are you seeing those messages on your Mac too? In Messages? If so, then it is easy to do. You can select the messages in the Mac Messages app on your Mac, copy, and paste.

    However, if you have not enabled this, then it will be difficult. Most people just take multiple screenshots of the conversation. Then you can place those images in Pages if you like. Or just keep them as images.

    Otherwise, you could always copy and paste the texts from the conversation one at a time. Paste them into Pages on your iPhone. It takes a few steps each time, but only maybe 5-10 second per message. So if you have to copy 30 messages it could take 5 minutes, probably less. That’s not something you want to do every day, so if this comes up often then set it up so those messages appear on your Mac like my original suggestion. You do that in Settings, Messages, Text Message Forwarding. But if these are iMessage messages, then you don’t even need that.

    MIchael Millar
    2 years ago

    There are several third party software applicaitonsfor the Mac that you can purchase to accomplish this including imazing and iexplorer.

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