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How Do I Download Shared Photo Album To Computer?

My son-in-law shares photos of my grandchildren in an album on my iPad photos app. I want to download them to my iMac (el Capitan) so I can use them in scrapbooks, etc. I would prefer not to do them one at a time as there are approx. 1000 photos.
Lynda Farabee

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    8 years ago

    How are they "shared" exactly? If they are shared to you using your iCloud/Apple ID, then they should already be on your iMac. If you are using the Photos app there, and the same Apple ID, then sharing them "on my iPad photos app" is really sharing them to your Apple ID. You should see them in both places.
    Launch the Photos app, go to Photos, Preferences, iCloud. See if you have iCloud Photo Sharing turned on.

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