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How Do I Drop a File Form My iCloud Drive Onto My iPhone Screen?

I have a file in iCloud that I access a lot (a Numbers document). I can go into my iCloud drive each time to access the file but thought that there was a way to copy it to my phone screen as a file? I recall in iPhone 6 days that there was a way to do that.

I am running iOS 13.2.3 on my XR.

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    2 years ago

    There’s no direct way to do that. There definitely wasn’t a way to do that a few years ago as the Files app didn’t even exist. Maybe you are thinking of Safari bookmarks? You could put those on the Home screen as a shortcut link.

    You can use the Shortcuts app with Get File and Open In actions to do it, and then place that shortcut on your Home screen. But the problem there is the file has to be in the Shortcuts folder for security reasons (I assume). So it isn’t very handy.

    So your best bet is to just open Files, then it should appear right there since it is a file you access a lot, so it should be in Recents.

    2 years ago

    Gene — I also have an iCloud Numbers file in daily use. I have the Numbers app prominent on my iPhone home screen (or you could move it to one of the “quick-access’ apps in bottom “bar”). When I click on Numbers, it lists my most recent Numbers files and my daily file is usually there right at the top).

    I have also noticed that when I open a Spotlight search on my iPhone (dragging one finger down on any screen), one of the Siri suggestions is usually to open the required file.


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