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How Do I Easily Cc an Email To a Particular Group Of People?

I must regularly send an email to one person with a cc to four people. I want to know how I can copy the email to the four people without copying and pasting each email address separately. I have added each of them to a VIP list, but am unable to see my VIP list.

I would like to be able to cc an email to the same group of people without having to copy and paste each of their separate email addresses.

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    2 years ago

    I can think of two ways. One is to simply set a text replacement in System Preferences, Keyboard to be a list of those four addresses, separated by commas. Then in the CC field, type that series of characters and the four email addresses will fill in.

    Or, you could just set up a Group in the Contacts app. Add those four email addresses to the Group. Then type the group name in the CC field.

    2 years ago

    The text replacement suggestion did not work because spaces after the commas were not accepted, and no spaces at all was not acknowledged, but setting up a group in the Contacts app did work.

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