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How Do I Edit Notifications In iPad Devices?

I have asked similar Notification questions to other online Support forums but have not received an answer, so I hope you can help. I have two iPads and recently used a restore from backup from iCloud, from my old iPad (IOS 9.3.5) to setup the new iPad (IOS 11.2.2). I receive notifications on each device everyday. My problem is the old iPad receives fewer notifications than than the new iPad. If the iCloud data transfer is suppose to send the backup data from the old iPad to the new iPad, then the iPad’s should be a mirror image of each other. If that is so, why is there a discrepancy in the notifications. Truth be told, I do not remember how I set up notifications on the old iPad. I am not really concerned with the old Pad, because I will use the new iPad as my primary device. I tried to compare the settings between the two devices, but the settings do not really resemble each other. What can I do?
Darrell Coe

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    2 years ago

    Notification come from all sorts of different sources. You get them from default apps like Mail, Messages, Calendar and Reminders. You get them from lots of third-party apps. You get them from things like News, system updates, and so on.

    So which notifications are you missing? If you get a notification from a particular app or source on one and not the other, then look at that app or setting. For instance, you may get notifications from the Facebook app. But if you haven’t used the Facebook app on your new device yet, then you haven’t signed in, and you won’t get those notifications, naturally.

    With the latest iOS, you can view Notification settings by going to Settings, and then Notifications on the left. Then they are listed by app.

    But that doesn’t tell the whole story. For instance, suppose you have a news app that sends you notifications when important news happens. The news app may have settings that allow you to define your news sources. So the Settings app tells you which apps send you notifications and what the notifications will look like, but it is up to each app to decide what notifications to send and when.

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