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How Do I Edit .pdfs??

How do I edit .pdfs now that Adobe Reader has become Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which charges by the month?

I only need to use the editing feature a few times a month and don’t want to be charges $15. Is there a hack or other app? Can Preview do it?
carol mcdonnell

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    2 years ago

    Preview can’t create or edit PDFs. You can fill out forms and mark up PDFs with it, though.

    I guess it really depends on what you need. You can use anything that prints to create PDFs. For instance, Pages. So if you have a document that you need to edit on a regular basis and produce PDFs from it, then you can create (or recreate or convert) it in Pages, perform your edits in Pages. Then export as a PDF when you need to “produce” the document. That’s how most PDFs are done. You don’t need a special PDF tool to create them, you use word processors, illustration tools, or page layout tools and export PDFs.

    If someone else is giving you a PDF, and then you need to edit it and send it along, perhaps you can figure out what they are using to create the document in the first place. For instance, if they are using Word to make it, then maybe they can send you a Word document that you can edit in Pages or Word for Mac. Or, maybe you can work with them to come up with another solution like using Google Docs.

    So it really depends on the details.

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