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How Do I Edit the Layout Of Footer In Pages, Mac?

I know there is a video about that, but it does not answer my question.
At the bottom of a page I can add custom footer like the page number, etc. This section appears when you hover over it with your mouse. It is separated into three sections. Is there any way to edit those sections? These sections are simply to small for my text. And at some point the section will cut off the text. I would prefer if the footnote section was not separated but one instead.

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    4 years ago

    I think you mean footers, not footnotes (changed it in your question).
    There are several ways to do this. One is you could ignore the footer, maybe even turn it off, and then add a big text box at the bottom and move that to the Section Master (Arrange, Section Masters, Move Object to Section Master). This makes it a part of the Section Master and it will appear on every page.
    Another thing you can do is to put your cursor in one of the three text boxes in the footer, say the middle one, and then choose Insert, Text Box. That puts a big text box in there. Then drag the sides to resize it so it forces the middle footer box to enlarge to the size you want. Then put anything you want in that text box and format it as you want.

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