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How Do I Efficiently Organize My Document Folder?

Gary, I have been following your advice regarding cleaning up my document/iCloud folder by opening a Finder window twice and put one on the right and one on the left as you suggest in your posting in “cleaning up your Mac”. The problem is many of my files are outdated and I have forgotten what is in them. When I click on them to explore them i’ll lose the set up with the two finder windows. Is there a way I can “lock-in” those two finder windows so they will stay while I open a file that’s within them to evaluate it.

I want to see what is in some the files to see if they can be discarded or to see where they go in the organized document folders. I have misunderstood I Cloud drive in the past and I have dumped a lot of files into that folder that I should have been putting into the the document folder.

PS. Thanks Gary! Looking forward to your visit with Naples MUG in a few days.
Bill Nice

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    3 years ago

    Which Finder view are you using? I would just open up one window with Column view and use that. But others prefer List view. Then just explore and clean that way. If you want to have two locations open at once, maybe have one in a large window in Column or List view to explore and then another "destination" window for dropping files to new locations that is much smaller on the side.

    To see what is in files, try to use Quick Look (select and press the spacebar). But in the case of some files you may need to double-click them to open them up.

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