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How Do I Eliminate an iTunes Account?

I recently had a ‘chat’ session with Apple, and discovered that I have two iTunes accounts. That has caused me some problems. I don’t know how that happened but I’m concerned that if I delete one, I may lose some apps that I purchased under that account. Any suggestions?
Jack Weibel

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    6 years ago

    You can only be using one iTunes account at a time on any device. So right now you are already using just one iTunes account and no longer have direct access to updates or re-downloads of the apps or content purchased on the other one.

    What usually happens when you update apps that were purchased on another account is that you are asked to enter your password for that other account to authorize the update.

    There's really no reason to "delete" the bad account. Just make sure you are using only the good account on all of your devices from now on and let the other account sit there. Don't make any new purchases on it and eventually you may not need it anymore at all, depending on which purchases it "owns."

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