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How Do I Eliminate Duplicate Calendar Post On iPad and iPhone?

I’m only using iCloud to sync between my iPhone and iPad and there are duplicate events in both and calendar and contacts. how do I fix this

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    12 years ago

    First, check to make sure there really are duplicate events. In my experience, it is more common to have duplicate calendars, not events. For instance, you've got both your new iCloud calendar and an old MobileMe one. Or the new iCloud one and still the old "on my Mac" calendar synced from iTunes.
    So look in the calendar apps for both devices and make sure the you don't have multiple calendars there.
    If this is a case where you have one calendar and have multiple entries in it, then you've got no choice but to just go through it and delete the duplicates one-by-one, manually.

    Peter Wellings
    12 years ago

    I encountered this problem on my iPad2 after backing out of iCloud (which I was forced to do because iTunes 10.5.1 was unable to sync my iCloud Address Book to my old iPhone 3G/iOS 4.2.1, which had all its Contacts entries deleted by iTunes). Up to 6 copies of each event in all calendars appeared on the iPad (but strangely not on my iPhone).

    No actions in iTunes to force refresh of the calendar entries, or to switch off/on syncing of Calendars, made any difference. In the end I had to delete all of the duplicates manually (fortunately they only occurred in the current calendar month). Thankfully they stayed deleted after syncing.

    A search of Apple Communities turns up entries that strongly suggest that this is a bug that has been around for years...

    Linda Lees
    12 years ago

    I went abroad and turned off everything that could possibly cost money in roaming charges - probably too much. Now that I'm back and have turned everything on, I have dupes in calendar although not contacts. Is there any way to reverse this? For some reason seeing double makes me a little nuts.

    12 years ago

    As a raw beginner it doesnt take a lot to confuse me, but I am learning. On the subject of duplicates, If I convert all iCal entries to iCloud (because they sync to my Mac,Air and phone) is that an answer and will the data be deleted after 30 days like the photo stream? What about Cloud storage space. Can anyone advise please? Thanks

      12 years ago

      iCloud calendar events shouldn't ever be deleted. I just looked at my iCloud calendar in iCal andI have entries in 2008 that are still there.
      Now that said, I'm not sure that the Calendar app on your iPhone/iPad will bother to sync old events that passed a long time ago. But iCloud itself will store them.
      What question do you have about iCloud storage space?

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