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How Do I Email a File Directly From Finder?

You had instructions on how to do this back in 2014/2015 and I was able to do it but my Mac was wiped out and now I need to know how to do it again. Thanks for your help!

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    4 years ago

    I can’t think of any way to email “directly” from the Finder. The Finder is not an email app and doesn’t have the ability to send an email. It isn’t what it is supposed to do.
    I suppose it would technically be possible to create an AppleScript or Automator action that you could add to the Services menu to allow you to select a file in the Finder, and then activate that command which would open up the Mail app, create a new message, and attach the file to that message. But doing so would probably not save you any time over just creating the message yourself and dragging the file to it.
    There is one method that you might like. You can drag and drop a file to the Mail icon in the Dock. This creates a new message with the file attached. This is probably the best way to do. You are still using Mail to send the message, but it is fewer steps.

    4 years ago

    There is noramlly a “Share” icon in the toolbar in the most recnt versions of the OS. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. Select the file in Finder, click the Share icon and then select Mail for the pop-up menu.

    4 years ago

    Craig: Mail is not one of the available options in the Finder’s share menu in El Capitan. At least not on my Mac. Seems like it should be there, but it isn’t for me and I’m guessing not for Linda. No way to add it either. I do see it there in the latest beta of Sierra though.

    Diane Ross
    4 years ago
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