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How Do I Embed a URL Link Into a Simple Graphic?

I’ve created a simple graphic in Pages. In an attempt to make it easier for seniors get on our residents’ website, I want to be able to place this graphic on Windows and/or Mac desktops so a single click on my graphic will take them to the website. In pages I select my graphic then go to Format/Add Link only to find the choices grayed-out. Any thoughts on why the linking is not available? Or, is there a better way to make this graphic a link? Thanks.
John Russell

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    2 years ago

    You can’t place a link on an image in a Pages document. But even if you could, I don’t think this is what you are trying to do. It would mean they would have to open up the document in Pages, and then click on the image. Or, if you exported it to a PDF, they would have to open up the PDF in Preview and click on the image. That’s awkward and no necessary.

    Why not just put a link to the web page directly on their desktops? Open up Safari. Go to the page. Then drag and drop the address from the top of the Safari window to the Desktop. You get a little Safari-like icon. Double-click on that and it opens Safari and takes you to the site. You can rename this icon too. You can even customize the icon image the same way you would customize any icon image.

    That will work for a Mac. I’m not sure of the steps for Windows, sorry.

    2 years ago

    This is terrific! Just finished doing this with my favorite website and I can see how much easier it will be to access it. Will be passing this on to several interest groups that I run. Many thanks.

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