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How Do I Embed New Fonts From My Mac To My iOS Device?

I’ve downloaded new fonts on my mac and started using them on my Keynote presentation.
After syncing the Keynote with my iCloud to open it on my iPad, the iPad shows that there are missing fonts, since it fails to read the new fonts which i’ve installed on my mac and used on my Keynote.
How do i get through this issue?
Thanks a million.
Khajak Kodjian

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Embed New Fonts From My Mac To My iOS Device?”

    3 years ago

    Your best bet may be to simply change the fonts to something available on the iPad. There are a variety of fonts available, and you can probably find something close to what you had before. Then you’ll have a cross-platform presentation that won’t give you any trouble.

    But if you really want to use special fonts instead of the standard ones, a bit of research turns up an app called AnyFont which people say allows you to transfer fonts from your Mac to your iOS device through series of steps. You can give that a try. And report back to let us know how it worked for you.

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