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How Do I Enable SIRI To Read News?

So yesterday the new iOS version was released. One of the features is supposed to allow Siri to read the news to you. I have an iPhone 7+ Whenever I asked Siri to read the news all she does is show me the latest news updates. Is this a feature just available for the new iPhones? Do I need to enable something to make it work?
Carlis R.

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    6 years ago

    First, make sure you have the new version 11.2.5 of iOS installed. It just came out yesterday.

    Next, try to ask Siri: "Play the news." I found that to be the only reliable phrase that works. Some sites report that "What's the news" works, but it doesn't for me.

    It simply plays the short news podcast from the appropriate source. I was able to use "Switch to" and then NPR, CNN or one of the news sources mentioned by Apple to change the podcast.

    You can also say "Play the sports news" or "Play the business news" to play ESPN or CNBC podcasts.

    I'll do an episode on this soon, I think.

    Carlos R.
    6 years ago

    It’s working for me now. What I wasn’t aware is that this only works if you are using headphones or CarPlay. Thx anyway.

    6 years ago

    Carlos: Works for me just using my phone or iPad. No headphones or CarPlay.

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